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Clean beauty is not just a trend; it’s a philosophy that resonates deeply with the TiN5 ethos. We believe in never compromising health for results and being mindful of the environment. In the following, we delve into why clean beauty matters and why it should be a crucial consideration in your skin-health routine.

Protect Your Health

Conventional beauty products are often laden with synthetic chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients. These substances can permeate our bodies through the skin, posing various health concerns. At TiN5, we challenge the norms of the traditional beauty industry by prioritising effective, non-toxic ingredients. By doing so, we aim to reduce the risk of irritation, adverse reactions, and long-term health effects. Your health is our top priority, and we strive to provide you with clean and safe solutions that deliver exceptional results.

Protect Our Planet

At TiN5, we embrace our responsibility to care for both our community and the planet. The traditional beauty industry has a significant environmental impact, from resource extraction to packaging waste. We are committed to being part of the paradigm shift towards a greener and more sustainable future. From sourcing to formulation to packaging, we adopt sustainable practices every step of the way. Our commitment includes using FSC® recycled paper, soy ink, and recyclable glass bottles. By choosing TiN5, you contribute to the preservation of our precious planet.

Thoughtful Ingredient Selection: Formulate without “The Dirty Ten”

TiN5 sets a high standard for ingredient selection, meticulously choosing each component to meet stringent clean beauty criteria. We prioritise effective and safe ingredients that benefit both your skin and the environment. Our formulations are free from what we call “The Dirty Ten” – the ten commonly used ingredients in the traditional beauty industry that we believe are best avoided. These include BHA and BHT, Dehydrating Alcohols (Fast Drying Alcohol), Mineral Oil (Paraffin) and Petroleum Jelly, Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, Parabens, Phthalates, Silicones, SLS, Synthetic Dyes, and Synthetic Fragrance. Instead, we focus on harnessing the power of safe and effective ingredients that are responsibly sourced.

Mindful Self-Care

Incorporating clean beauty into your self-care routine goes beyond skincare; it becomes a conscious choice that nurtures a deeper connection with your body and overall well-being. Taking the time to select solutions that align with your values and prioritise your health allows for a more mindful and holistic approach to self-care. Clean beauty becomes an act of self-love, supporting not only your physical appearance but also your emotional well-being. Experience the transformative power of clean beauty and embrace a skin-health routine that uplifts your mind, body, and soul.






Clean beauty is more than just a passing trend; it’s a movement towards healthier choices and a greener future. At TiN5, we are committed to providing you with clean, effective, and environmentally conscious solutions. By prioritising your health and the well-being of our planet, we strive to revolutionise the beauty industry one clean beauty solution at a time. Embrace the power of clean beauty and embark on a skin-health journey that nourishes your skin and uplifts your spirit.