The Concentrate

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Enriched with hEGF, KGF, FGF, high and low molecular hyaluronic acid and a synergistic lipid concentrate, The Concentrate conditions and softens the epidermis, refines pores, and activates skin cell renewal to improve overall tone and texture leaving skin supple, healthy, and radiant.


Suitable for All skin types; especially dry and sensitive skin
Skin Feels Extra plumped and hydrated with a natural glow
Key Ingredients hEGF, FGF, KGF, High-Low Hyaluronic Acid, Fermented Yeast Extract, Mevalonolactone, Red Algae Extract

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Active Ingredients


Known as Human Epidermal Growth Factor, helps to boost cell growth and division, supports wound healing, and improves overall skin texture and tone.


Known as Keratinocyte Growth Factor, helps to promote cell proliferation and differentiation, leading to faster healing and regeneration of damaged skin and prevention of wrinkle formation by creating new epidermal cells.


Known as Fibroblast Growth Factor, helps to stimulate collagen production and improves skin elasticity, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

High-Low Hyaluronic Acid

Combination of two forms of hyaluronic acid that provides intense hydration to different skin layers for a smoother texture with less visible fine lines and wrinkles.. It also helps to slow down the deterioration of the lipid barrier and strengthen it against environmental age-factors and pollutants.

Fermented Yeast Extract

Improves skin elasticity, hydration, and radiance while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Helps maintain the skin’s barrier function and hydration levels.

Red Algae Extract

Nourishes, rejuvenates, detoxifies and helps to build a glowing and plumped skin complexion. It is also found to have a UV absorbing capacity that can help shield your skin from harmful rays and environmental stressors.


Apply morning and night to a freshly cleansed and toned face and neck, warming the product between your palms before gently massaging it in until fully absorbed.

Three to five drops
Sumptuous, rapidly absorbing concentrated serum
Floral, herbaceous

Formulated Without The Dirty Ten

BHA & BHT Chemical Sunscreens Dehydrating Alcohols (Fast Drying Alcohol) Parabens Petroleum Phthalates Silicones SLS Synthetic Dyes Synthetic Fragrance

13 reviews for The Concentrate

  1. Dr M G. Age : 65+

    Your skin is an investment, not an expense . . .

    As a doctor in neuroscience and lifestyle medicine, the scientist in me encourages me to engage in any type of product for wellness with careful review and experimentation/usage. I have now tried The Concentrate for over 120 days and notice a visible improvement in the health of my skin. Most notably my skin has a more clean, resilient, and glowing presence. Highly recommend for us “older” HK residents. All the best for this wonderful HK company.

  2. Dr M G. Age : 65+

    Skin care is part of our overall wellness

    Practicing in neuroscience and lifestyle medicine, TIN5 products offer each and every person an opportunity to improve their overall skin health which directly influences the quality of our skin life. We cannot stop the “getting older” life experience but we can have a wonderful experience using TIN5 products to impact our skin’s age and health.

  3. Inchalita C. Age : 25 - 34

    The perfect serum

    Where do I even start… I am in love with the Concentrate serum!! the luxurious and clean feels, the formulation and the amazing ingredient list anyone could wish for!! I finished a bottle and I could not be more impressed with the results. It’s been giving me the glow and radiance I needed. What a game changer.

  4. Nirancha P. Age : 25 - 34

    Skin Saver!

    My skin broke out in rashes after using new products and I could not believe how fast my skin recovered within days after using this treatment! My skin is extremely sensitive and usually take 1-2months to repair. This took 3days to noticeably feel and get better and a week to completely heal.

  5. Boanne C. Age : 25 - 34

    I was recommended by my friend. This is such a great product, my skin got better and smoother in two days than ever.

  6. Hilary F. Age : 25 - 34

    The best!

    My skin was feeling very dry/dull from all the sun and was in desperate need for something to save it. The Concentrate, while lightweight, really helped my skin regain moisture. I love this product because it is so easy to use and absorbs into my skin rather quickly. I’ve never liked the feeling of products just sitting on my face/overly thick products so I really appreciate all that this serum can do while still being lightweight.

    Would definitely recommend this product to everyone!!

  7. Kamsen L. Age : 25 - 34

    Great Product

    Skin feels balanced and smooth after just a short period of use. Sensitive skin reacts positively to the solution, will
    be part of the daily rotation!

  8. Vicky R. Age : 35 - 44

    The Best Serum!

    This serum easily absorbed by my skin. I have very dry skin and this concentrate helps my skin stay hydrated all day and gives extra glow. It’s not greasy and sticky but very light.

  9. Betty R. Age : 25 - 34

    So easy to use

    I have sensitive skin, but The Concentrate worked wonders for me. Very nice lightweight formula that can be incorporated into your routine, and applied under sunscreen and makeup with no issues. Really hydrating and makes your skin feel velvety and plump.

  10. Avatar photo

    Karen C. Age : 25 - 34

    The Holy Grail Serum for All Seasons

    If you have combination and acne-prone skin like me, finding a serum that nourishes without leaving an oily or tight feeling can be a challenge. But The Concentrate from TiN5 has truly impressed me.

    This serum is so concentrated and rich, yet it absorbs quickly without any residue or dryness. The natural herbal scent is invigorating and refreshing, and it feels like a luxurious spa treatment every time I use it. Pairing it with The Essential in the morning keeps my skin hydrated and nourished all day long.

    I first started using it during the humid Hong Kong summers, and it didn’t leave any greasy feeling on my face. I even brought it with me on my travels to Nepal, Japan, and London during the winter, and it kept my skin plumped and nourished in every climate.

    But what sets The Concentrate apart is how it strengthens my skin barrier, making it less prone to redness and dryness. And best of all, it doesn’t cause breakouts even with changes in temperature and humidity. If you’re looking for the ultimate serum for all seasons, look no further than The Concentrate.

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  11. Avatar photo

    Stefano A D L. Age : 18 - 24

    My favourite product of Tin5

    The Concentrate is by far my favourite product from Tin5. Not only does this solution absorb incredibly well into my skin, but it also leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I’ve never used a serum before, but this product is perfect for those with sensitive skin looking to protect their skin. This was one of the first products I’ve used, and I’ve had so many people compliment my skin after using it for a couple of days. The results are immediate! It really is confidence in a bottle.

  12. Long C L. Age : 35 - 44

    My essential serum for velvety soft skin and radiance. Skin looks more plump and youthful.

  13. Nicholas C. Age : 25 - 34


    I just have to say that Concentrate is the absolute best. It’s made such a huge difference in the health of my skin. Before using it, I used to struggle with eczema around my face whenever the weather changed. It was such a pain dealing with all those dry spots, rashes, and redness. But since I started using Concentrate a few weeks ago, everything has changed. Not only have all my dry spots disappeared, but I don’t even get any rashes or redness when the weather changes anymore. It’s been a total game-changer for me. I can’t thank this product enough!

    The Concentrate
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